J’ai gardé la foi



I know that birds will sing…

without a soul to listen;

And wolves howl a mournful song

for nothing in particular.

But human hearts need a reason

For what comes naturally.


She sat straight up in bed, her hair cascading

in the moonlight that poured through the window;

…still asleep.

Slowly her right arm moved in a graceful sweeping arc…

and reaching into an invisible vessel held close to her heart,

she broadcast something into the darkness;

…still asleep.

I touched her arm…cupping it gently in my fingers

as if to stop her from floating away, and whispered:…

”What are you doing?”

With a calm smile, she said:

“I’m seeding the clouds with silver.”


A cooler light pours

into the stone gray afternoon,

where the winter has laid bare

the beautiful bones of the trees…


~ by theoxherd on November 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “J’ai gardé la foi”

  1. Walter, I surmise from the little w at the end of each, you wrote these beautiful words.

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