New Work 2012 - 1

Acrylic on Panel




I live a rather monastic life…and I make paintings that, occasionally, are a bit “challenging”.

I will post them periodically so that I can delude myself into thinking I’m communicating…or at least not exclusively “talking to myself.”

You are welcome to comment on them,

although I am already familiar with the phrase:

“ My kid could paint this crap.”


~ by theoxherd on December 3, 2012.

7 Responses to “2012…1”

  1. Light, bright, translucent. Occasional bursts of somberness and frenzied moods surrounded by hope.

  2. I see shape of a man in high spirits, bracing the beauty of the outside world. No matter how dark the moment is, love and hope always reign. Your work is brilliant!

  3. I appreciate your comments…they give me the impression that I am not merely howling into the wind. Thank you.

  4. I see joyful influences of the fauves we saw at the Pompidou or was it somewhere else….which does not mean it is at all “derivative” as some previous commenter rudely mentioned decades ago…

  5. Said “commenter” was delusional.

  6. Your painting should have been part of an exhibit here at the prestigious Art Basel show. By the way, I love your sense of humor.

  7. Thank you. I agree. I seem to be a closely guarded secret.

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