All Hallows’ Even

“Among the brackens, on the brae,

Between her and the moon,

The deil, or else an outler quey,

Gat up and gae a croon:”

-Robert Burns (1785)

No goblins came to me last night,

No ghosts, no ghouls, no zombies…

Not one little Dubya to scare the bejesus

From my democratic soul.

My time of witches passed, I think,

When all their spells were broken,

And though their beauty haunts me still,

The curse is crossed and done.

This house is out too far

To tempt the tiny tots

With fairy wings and wands;

No tricks, no treats,

No intrepid wizard tries

To walk this darkened road

Of looming trees and spooky hollows,

Oh, and did I mention…spiders?

Lots of them

 I am safe, at last.

Thinks I.


~ by theoxherd on November 1, 2012.

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