Por Esse Mar

We lived…

Beside the lonesome sea…

but visited seldom.

It seemed enough just to know it was there,

Until it carried us away,

And every salty breath whispered we were drifting;

Alone beneath the endless sky,

sailing always nowhere,

And back again…

On the beautiful, senseless sea.


There hangs a cutlass…in the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford, chipped, dinged and dented by some five hundred year old sailor.

The blade is mounted behind glass as the only artifact of his nameless self. By the look of it, he survived more than one attack. Win or lose we’ll never know…the blade outlasted his life on the sea.

It is no longer the barrier it once was…the sea, that is…although the sheer might of it is undeniable. We have learned to sail across it, soar over it, and sink in it. It whispers a haunted and urgent call, that moves through us like diastolic beats pulsing from the earth. We need to see it, stand beside it, and tremble in its’ embrace. Even those who live in the desert, dream of the sea.

We’ve always been itinerant souls and never content to leave well enough alone. The “what next?” often means tearing down and starting over. Leaving. Our restless hearts are forever seeking the better of everything.

And sometimes…it was never there at all…seems to me.

Time and the sea sweep everything away…without regret, without remorse.

The sailor, tied to his mast, is listening to the siren song.

Long moaning melodies…and softly soothing, they sing to him…and every voice sounds an ascending note.

For him alone.

The sea consumes our shores.

Continuous and slow,

It wastes away our precious dreams,

In waves of doubt and longing.

No one knows the path of least resistance

Until the harder has been tried

But always we beckon what’s beyond

the half moon rising,

 on one cold day, in the month of May,

When it should have been warm,

but wasn’t.


~ by theoxherd on October 23, 2012.

3 Responses to “Por Esse Mar”

  1. Profoundly poetic…

  2. I shared this post on our Facebook page and said how lovely your blog is.

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