Falling Robins

“Fait de ton vie un reve, et de ton reve une realite.”

                                      -Antoine de St. Exupery

There is no sleeping tonight,

The moonlight is filtering through the trees, like lace on a lampshade.

In this night, the ghosts will come calling…calling in the air, and circling this four posted bed in a gospel round.

They are not opposing spirits…but comforting shades that bring the better remembering…the longer lasting thoughts of how it once was, long ago. Some things do not leave, they linger on the tip of consciousness, in faint echo and muted light. These are the loves as love was meant to be.

Whoever and wherever they are tonight, at this moment, their spirits gather here to fix my ardent soul.

Like cobbling elves, they collect the strands of frayed and splintered ends …then they sort, and stretch, and put them all into place…one by one and end to end, woven and spliced, patched and knurled, the diffident pattern comes to life.

I am surprised to see so many of those I thought would never come again…but there they circle and float, singing titillating tunes. They’ll probably sing all night…it sometimes takes that long; a boozy chorus belting out the songs of yesterday…and the day before…to cheer my reparation.

It’s not an easy task, picking broken shards out of old scars, but they have the most nimble fingers you can imagine. I see one of them there…in darkened hair, and this is the biggest surprise of all: she is smiling…an awesome sight, and worth the wait. And there…the beautiful blond, is glowing with the bliss that I remember well. They dip, they flutter, and flap their ghostly skirts in unison, to rise up together with my new coat intact…confident it will fit.

What do they know that I haven’t found out yet?

Perhaps, that when love is given…it never really goes away. It is simply saved in a box, a special box, which is put deep into a closet, way in the back, where there is a secret door, and a place inside that perfectly fits the box that holds the love intact, un-faded, and forever whole.

This is our gift. ..to each other, and to ourselves…a love that never dies.

The rest we try to forget.

“Losing love is like a window in your heart…everybody sees you’re blown apart…everybody sees the wind blow.”

-Paul Simon


~ by theoxherd on September 12, 2012.

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