Noah’s Dove


WF…Noah’s Dove…2012

“…again he sent forth the dove from the ark.

And the dove came in to him at eventide;

and lo, in her mouth, an olive leaf,

freshly plucked.”

The wind blew off the lake and carried snow along the house in giant drifts… drifts that covered the doors and windows. Each opening had been sealed shut against the winter, but winter always found a way in. The rooms sounded dull…you could tell the depth of the snow by the sound of your footfalls in the morning…softened by the massing of crystals laying siege to the city.

A drainpipe, attached along the full height of the house next door, emptied the gushing flow of summer storms into the alley. At the entry point, forty feet above the sidewalk, the pipe would fill with leaves and debris every autumn, until the water overflowed the metal gutter, and cascaded over the side. In winter this effluvial torrent froze to a forty foot stalagtite three feet in diameter. Within the ice, water worked itself down in arteries, flowing like clear serpentine blood to feed the trunk of the mass below, near the sidewalk.
Every day, coming home from school, I would stop and watch the monster grow. Spring came to reverse the crystallization and widened the watered arteries. Large, jagged shards of ice would come crashing down into the alley, and although the remnants of the crash were clear enough, I was oblivious to the peril. Peering into the beating heart of it; rapt in the fascination of capillary action, I ignored the menace that hovered over me like Solomon’s sword. I talked to the ice, told it my stories…and grieved when at last I’d enter the alley and find the crystal column toppled and broken.

But then it was May, and I raced under the dappled shade to find some new summer love. The ice was sure to return…the winter blossoms.

The last light of winter

glides along St. Francis Bay.

There will be a spring and summer before the fall;

Everything will be as before

…but we will not be the same.

Now I take two of everything,

Two suns and moons, two dreams,

that vanish in the night.


~ by theoxherd on June 11, 2012.

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