Tahawus redux

Granite peak of Mt. Marcy (Tahawus)

We floated there,

Suspended, between heaven and earth.

The face of the mountain smoothed away

In steep decline before our feet…

Dropping into the vast white cloud which embraced us.

It seemed we sank forever,

Falling without moving,

Leaning into the ceaseless wind.

This air, from a hollow in the world,

Pushed across the granite brow as it spun into the night.

We climbed this peak in the rain;

Slipping half down each height we had risen.

I pushed him upwards when he fell,

his chin in the mud;

He braced to pull me up in the dark,

Lending me his tail.

In our silent ascension, we were alone,

And kept close in the night our animal souls.

Two of the living, between the down pouring of heaven

And the deep, dense granite of the earth.

We were held by two hands: one fluid; one stone

Us two, surrendered in the dark,

The rain would last forever,

And the stone would never yield.

We would disappear into the thinness of the morning,

Washed clean by the wind.


~ by theoxherd on May 11, 2012.

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