There has never been free love.

It always carries a price, even if that price is indifference.

Free sex, perhaps. Both needs are met…no need to continue. No bond. No future. But love has a tithe in attachment. There is a commitment in connecting that does not end. One person may walk away thinking that they are free, but the one that waits while they walk is bleeding. We carry every lover, casual or keen, somewhere in our hearts.

Anger may taint the memory, grief may twist the joy, or time may dull …but forget? I think not.

Mankind has loved this way for four million years, with hearts the same as ours.

Even a glance has the potential to haunt.

Genuine love was always free.

The opening of the heart has never depended on behavior. It happens when behavior is forgotten…when our actions are as natural as sun and rain. We love without hope or expectation, and are loved back with grace and generosity. It is given and received…without reason. Only rhyme.

The long stretch of eternity happens moment to moment, and forever is always beginning right where it ended.

“The greatest gift is to love…and be loved in return.”


~ by theoxherd on April 28, 2012.

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